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ZhangJiaGang HuaXiang FRP Co .,Ltd. from foundation,Take orders some basic core values always in the management the development, if stress a trustworthiness, emphasize a cooperation and make people the center, pursue outstanding, etc..These core value


I am excellent to turn a management

The profound influence that volatile market and science and technology produce when progressing, requesting a business enterprise has to exert and strive without stop, the reform is creative.For this, the vanguard machine manager should keep an actively enterprising mindset, abandonning the thought of lockstep, examining an operation method continuously with the high sense of responsibility and the frontier spirit, perfect management system, set up the power clear and close match efficiently a team to have a competition ability more by building up 1 with vibrant business enterprise 

Enhance a service

We want to enhance service consciousness, carrying through the principle of customer supremacy, treating service customer as to have no still of honour, make high-quality of the product of service and high quality become a vanguard machine the source of the value.

Value a talented person

The talented person is the source of business enterprise development, success of originally.The company has to promote the human resource strategy of"absorb  talented person, grow a talented person, know how to handle a talented person and treat kindly a talented person", constructing the good atmosphere of"concern a person, value a person and make people the center", passing various training and working physically of toughen, exaltation the employee's professional level, promote personal character.There is talented person, then can infuse into strong vitality for the farsighted development of vanguard machine.

Make great effort actually dry

Making great effort to do actually is the basic work attitude of vanguard robot.Success the team which belong to the target exactitude, firm and unyielding.All together vanguard machine the employees of the company all want to exert and strive without stop, the arduous spirit moves forward forward, developing to beg together true practicality, morally upright careful good custom.